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Software Development


While we are better known for writing imaging handling and management applications, we can also write customised software to suit your unique requirements. Below are some of our past development projects.



Biometric ID

Growing international attention has been brought to biometric imaging, as security concerns have grown in recent years.

A major global identity asked us to build a software suite, which provided them with an auditable biometric entry security system.

An individuals personal details, along with their photograph are recorded into a database. Their finger print is utilised to identify each individual, and their data (including their photo) can be retrieved in seconds via a finger print reader.

This software suite has now been deployed world wide by this organisation.

For privacy and security reasons, we can’t reveal the name of this client.


Greenscreen Photo booth

hi-res an imaging company based on the Gold Coast asked us to build photobooth software, which removes the green background and puts the customer into a series of postcards with fantasic photo content backgrounds. The main output is a personalized 6x4 postcard, but the system can produce an 8x12 image also!

Some of the challenges were integrating SDKs (software development kits) for cameras, printers, coin and notes mechs, along with change dispensers.


Mega Preview

Digital Photo Industries commissioned us to provide a large multi-monitor preview system for use in the Chill On Ice Lounge in Melbourne. Where it’s -9°C, you’re drinking out of a glass made of ice, standing at a bar made of ice, the walls and chairs are made of ice, guests feel they just gotta get a photo of this experience! The preview system consists of 3 32inch displays, and can display the last 48 images taken inside the lounge. Images are display with an image number, so guests can easily identify themselves and this speeds up the entire sales process.




Sports Team Photography

Photo Now commissioned us to provide a software solution where the names of the individuals within teams and classrooms could be used to speed the process of deliverying 8x12 Composite, Montage, and Team photos on demand and with a smooth work flow process.

Using a database back end and our customised image layout engine, it is possible to deliver the entire teams 8x12 photos just minutes after the photo is taken.








Custom designed software for all workflow, imaging, and data management challanges.


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