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Ride Photography


We have a very successful and long track record of integrating photography onto rides of all types and sizes, here are a few examples;




Skyrail in Carins is an incredible experience and shows a unique perspective of the World Heritage listed tropical rainforest. It offers a birds-eye view of North Queenslands living natural wonder whose prehistoric ancestry is some 60 million years older then the amazon. Skyrail has had a long established photographic operation with one of our competitors for some time. Major issues with uptime and servicability with thier previous imaging partner opened an opportunity for us to deliver another panorama product to capture those wonderful views.


Arthurs Seat Eagle

The cable car at Arthurs Seat Eagle is not a typical roller coaster style ride, but does demonstrate that you don't have to have a jaw dropping thrill experience to benefit from adding photography to a ride. Actually the photography at this location happens to be a green screen system set up in the ride embarkation line, and the primary product is a panorama 6x14 print which helps deliver those fantastic views over the Mornington Penisula looking back to Melbourne.


Pirates Revenge

Pirates Revenge is a mobile log flume operated by Joylands. Based in Sydney Australia, they typically setup for capital city shows in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Being a mobile ride attraction the software and systems need to be highly reliable and stable. Most new systems now opt for remote connection support as an extra level of support and confidence, especially when staff turnover can be high.


Luna Park Sydney

 Luna Park Sydney were looking for a new imaging partner that respected their position in the market and would provide value for thier guests. We were thrilled with the opportunity and deliver a state of the art digital imaging system on Luna Park’s historic Wild Mouse coaster. We have also added photography to the Coney Island drop ride, and established a small roving and events system termed REVS.




Jurassic Coaster

Jurassic Coaster is a multi-car mobile kiddie coaster operated by Joylands. Based in Sydney Australia, they typically deploy in capital city shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.



Crazy Coaster

Crazy Coaster is another mobile coaster, operated by TPA and Based in Melbourne. This coaster can do up to 30 shows in various locations in any given year.




Taipan Coaster

Taipan has just upgrade their camera system to a high speed camera. Previously this coaster used 2 cameras to capture the train. Thats one camera per car, with two cars in a train, both cameras fired at the same time, making each image look slightly different.

Now with a high speed camera each car is captured in the same place on the track. Overall this upgrade actually reduced the complexity of their photo system, further adding to their reliablilty.

Taipan is a huge coaster and takes considerable time to assemble, but it is another mobile coaster, operated by Spry - Laurie based in Dubbo. This coaster tyipcally only sets up for the Sydney and Melbourne shows, only operating for 24 days in a year, still the photography system is very profitable.





Extreme Speed

Originally Extreme had a competitors imaging system installed. Management were very distressed as their system was very complex and they were constantly dealing with issues of reliablilty, and spiraling costs trying to keep the system operational.

We were asked to consult on their existing system and provide a path forward to rectifying the outstanding problems.

We installed our software over the top of the existing software, streamlined their workflow processess, and used a minimum of new equipment to bring the system upto a stable state. Their photography system is now reliable, and combined with the increased uptime, also very profitable.

Custom designed software for all workflow, imaging, and data management challanges.


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