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Green screen photography


Green screens have been around for a long time, and usually take considerable editing to produce a good print. We have steam lined the process and can deliver great looking images without the need to edit them (you still have to paint peoples green shirts back in if they are wearing green). We have delivered high volume green screen applications to a number of customers, and the segment continues to grow.



Hatfield and McCoy

This is a very high volume site with dual green screens. they can photograph over 700 guests in a little over 30 minutes as they enter a unique themed dinner theatre venue in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

It's Feudin Feastin Family Fun at The Hatfield & McCony Dinner Feud™!



The Comedy Barn

Another of our sites in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, The Comedy Barn has been running continuosly for 23 years and is the most successful and most attended clean comedy theatre in the world!


Magic Beyond Belief

Magic Beyond Belief starring Darren Romeo brings magic and music together. Guests are photographed in a very compact green screen studio as they enter the theatre.





Custom designed software for all workflow, imaging, and data management challanges.


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